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My name is Jason. I love music (I like most forms of music to some extent (except Country), but my favs are punk, industrial, goth, and intense metal). I'm a DJ at 2 local Houston radio stations (KPFT and KTRU). I love horror movies, books, and comics (and sci-fi/ fantasy as well); and I'm totally into animation. I also work in a book/ music/ video store, have 4 cats, am into photography and poetry to some extent, and am pretty much drifting through life with little ambition or planning (which probably isn't a good thing, but it does make life interesting, tho' sometimes catastrophic). I look like some sort of unattractive biker werewolf creature, so girls if you're looking for a hottie's diary to read- this isn't it. I'm always in some sort of jam or unsavory situation (quite often, but not always, financial), but my sense of humor and general cynical attitude seems to keep me afloat (somehow).
My radio show websites:
Deadthyme (punk, goth, industrial, hardcore, death rock, grind, crust, dark/ intense music show): http://deadthyme.thezombified.com (official website, where you can find every playlist, download past episodes, links, a list of every song ever played in alphabetical order (by band), etc.)- this show comes on Sunday nights/ Monday mornings from 2 AM to 4 AM Central U.S. time- if you want to listen online go to: http://www.kpft.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=110. Check out my podcast (Old episodes are podcast at): http://deadthyme.libsyn.com (also on iTunes). www.myspace.com/deadthyme.
Ejacula (intense metal, hardcore show): http://www.kpft.org/studio/playlistbuild.php?week=1&shownumber=3
KTRU (pretty much anything goes/ very eclectic): http://noise.ktru.org/ktru/sheet.nsf/WebByDJ?OpenView&Start=262&Count=10&Expand=270#270